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Everyday we are talking, asked a lot of questions by others and we ask others a lot questions, we're tired of the normal everyday questions that everyone asks, so a wide variety of interesting random questions on different topics will help you be a more interesting and efficient person.

Sometimes we just need some random questions, sometimes we need targeted questions, Random-Questions.net provide a decent amount random questions on different topics - questions to ask a girl, questions to as a guy, funny questions, deep questions etc. Also you can choose to your questions depending on the occasion, like questions between lovers, conversation start questions and newlywed game questions.Remember any random question you choose should encourage him or her to give more details if possible, it helps you get to know on a deeper level.

If a synchronized swimmer drowns, does her partner also have to drown?

Favorite Movie Star?

Do You Believe Children Should Be Brought Up To Favor Certain Political Views?

If you were a judge, what question would you ask the contestants? Why?

The method school of acting was developed by who? Konstanstin Stanislavsky

Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones?

Who was the director of Four Weddings and a Funeral? Mike Newell

Have you used drugs?

What's does it hurt like hell to hit your funny bone?

Do astronauts change their clocks when they move over different time zones in space?

If you could sleep with ANYONE, would would it be?

Why is lemon juice mostly artificial ingredients but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons?

Which is your favorite genre of movies?

Why do we say "a pair of pants" when there is only one article of clothing involved?

How much do you plan for the future?

What color sheets do you have on the bed?

Why do you have to "put your two cents in". but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to?

What do you do when you are feeling very sad or depressed?

Would you rather die from falling off a cliff or by being threatened.

If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

Do you have any pet names?

What seemed normal in your family when you were growing up, but seems weird now?

How do you wish your life turned out?

Where would you like to retire?

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